Industry Statistics

Every day, far more Australians are transported by bus and coach on the nation’s road network than are moved by rail, even in our largest capital cities. Buses provide an alternative travel choice to the car for people’s daily commute and other travel purposes which in turn addresses the challenges of congestion and its economic impacts in our urban and regional centres. Buses also provide a vital lifeline for individuals and communities, promoting social inclusion and access to education, healthcare, employment and social opportunities.

Based on various industry surveys undertaken by the BIC in 2018 and 2020, the bus and coach industry in Australia directly employs more than 85,000 people in a range of jobs including drivers, mechanics, engineers, skilled production workers and transport professionals in various specialised fields such as planning and service delivery.

In October 2021, the BIC intends to publicly release a comprehensive document on the Australian bus and coach industry which examines the past decade of bus manufacturing, the fleet on the road, passenger trends and behaviour and the long-distance tour sector. The publication also includes a detailed section on industry policy areas of focus.

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