August 1, 2021

BIC National E-Bulletin 2021 July

National Update from the Bus Industry Confederation [July 2021 Edition] As 10,000-plus athletes gather in Tokyo to represent their countries on the world stage, sadly at the opening of the Olympics, more than half of Australia’s population was in lock-down. As the home of the BIC secretariat is located in the protected inland island of Canberra, there is little to no ripple effect to ‘normal life’ here (we still have a peak hour!). The BIC team extends our well-wishes to all Aussies doing it tough out there. As covid is dominating so much of industry, it does feature strongly in

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View from Canberra 2021 July

The BIC has long advocated for public transport to be acknowledged as an essential service – a service that should be a basic fundamental right for all Australians. Interestingly, it seems to be lost on governments that PT in fact provides a service to other industries considered as essential services. As PT workers form so much of the front-line staff, there are a number of issues that will need to be considered as the vaccination program ramps-up: providing paid leave to employees who get their two jabs time off for dealing with side effects from the vaccinations incentives, such as

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