July 8, 2012

Accessible Transport Standards – Operator Guidelines

Comprehensive guidelines on the Accessible Transport Standards under the Disability Discrimination Act. This guide covers critical legislation, definitions, compliance time frames and how to achieve the compliance and techniques for communicating with people with disabilities. Download the Guideline Download

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Door Safety Advisory – Industry Advisory

This Industry Advisory is a guideline on how to adopt and maintain proven successful door safety systems used by the bus and coach industry to ensure safe work practices by drivers and to ensure the safety of passengers. Download the Advisory Download

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Incident Management Guide – Operator Guidelines

The purpose of this guide is to provide specific guidelines on managing incidents to minimise the direct impact on staff and passengers (and indirect impact on family, friends and community). Bus and coach operators will learn how to minimise business risk, disruption and loss and ensure that services are provided in line with community expectations, duty of care and occupational health and safety requirements. Download the Guideline Download

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